Mississippi Dignity Caravan

3 05 2010

Come join us May 22, 2010. The Mississippi Dignity Caravan will begin 9am in Jackson, MS. Then caravan to Fulton. More information can be found at http://dignitycaravan.com/.

From the website:

We are organizing a meet-up and rally on the steps of Mississippi’s capitol to declare that these recent actions against Constance McMillen, Juin Baiz, and Ceara Sturgis (and the message being sent by the Westboro Baptist Church) are not Mississippi’s ideals; Mississippi MUST lead the way in making schools, workplaces, and families safe places and secure for all. The action on the capitol steps will be a call to action… The message: bullying, hate and discrimination will no longer be tolerated in Mississippi. It is NOT Mississippi!

The rally will then caravan to Fulton, Mississippi to hold a vigil/peaceful rally… One that contrasts the hateful message of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. Our peaceful presence and message of love will starkly contrast the hateful message. Our hopes? To begin a deeper dialog in Mississippi and the US about the discrimination, bullying and homophobia that occurs in schools, workplaces, pulpits, and our places of government.

The line must be drawn in the mud of Mississippi…

Everyone is invited to the rallies under the condition that we RESPECT the people of Fulton. It may be a challenge and we may be angry with their actions against Constance and Juin, but these rallies are NOT attacks against them; they are to contrast and overshadow the hateful message that the Westboro “Baptist Church” hopes to make heard in Mississippi.




One response

28 05 2010
william Curtis Boughan

I sorry was unable to attend the rally in person but am proud those who did and and in total support of any actions that are take to set up a stand agianst homophobic hatred of the westborro bapatist church group and any other organization or individuals dening the right of the lgbt community in out nation.

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