Constance McMillen’s journey

12 03 2010

Over the past week we’ve had a great many things happen in Mississippi.

A student, Constance McMillen, simply wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. Simple enough. However, school administrators would not allow her to do this. Instead, they issued a handout saying she could not take her girlfriend to the prom and that only male/female couples could attend. This lead to Constance and the ACLU issuing a letting to the Itawamba School Board to reverse the decision.

Which let to the call to action of emails and letters to the school board of Itawamba to change the policy.

Itawamba County has cancelled the prom due to “distractions to the educational process.” So are children skipping school? Oh wait, they’ve been skipping school for years! Or perhaps people aren’t learning anymore because a lesbian is in their midst.
Regardless, I think it is a silly response by the administration to put pressure on this girl to drop her case to bring a same-sex date. It is sad how schools spend years teaching children not to give in to peer pressure. However, when one student goes against their “social norm”, they use peer pressure to fight back. Of course, I’m sure no school official would admit to this, but that is my speculation.

Of course, we all know that in 10 years an issue such as prom or what one wore in their senior portrait will mean nothing in the end. However, it will mean something if these people prevail in their efforts to bring about change to a state that very much needs to change. This state needs to change its way of thinking and its bigoted ways. Move equality forward!!

We are now in the process of going over topics of discussion of what to do next. If you are in tune to the media, then you know a lot is going on. I am in contact with our LGBT, PFLAG, UU congregations etc trying to decide what our next step will be. I think we have a great opportnity to move foward with our push for equality. It is time, it is now.

Please consider helping in any way you can.

Here are a few links to information: nation/2010-03-10-noprom_N.htm

Clarion-Ledger reports (Chris Joyner is the lead reporter chris.joyner )

Facebook pages are supporting Constance — and linking to various other support efforts:
‘Support Constance McMillen’ is the main Facebook page:!/pages/Support-Constance-McMillen/357377162035?ref=ts has also been ‘on it’ — with a petition for which only 200 signatures were originally targeted… Now over 1500 are in and 2500 hoped for … See:




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